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Classroom Book a Day

Classroom Book a Day (CBAD) is my favorite activity during the school year. I love celebrating books every day with my students and giving them a visual remember of the books we have read and how many more there are too come.

This is the fifth year that I have participated and I am thankful to Julian Hiese for creating and expanding this interactive way to promote read alouds across all grade levels. You can find out more about her initiative at Each year, it has been amazing to see how more classrooms are participating as well as how Julian has grown classroom book a day.

In second grade, we read A LOT of picture books during the year. However before CBAD, I didn’t really keep track. I had a basic idea of the books I had read based on units or new book purchases. I am amazed each year, the impact documenting our read alouds has had on classed. This year, I started having students vote for their favorite weekly read aloud. The winning book gets a star added to the cover on the book.

The empty chart is ignored by most students at the beginning of the year. Slowly, the rows fill up and by winter break students begin to notice and discuss how many books we have read.

“Hey, I forgot we read I Want my Hat Back! I can’t believe the bear did that.”

“There is another book about Little Elliot. I saw it in the library. Maybe, Ms. Turman will read that too.”

These conversations happen more frequently as the spaces fill up and students notice that we have read The Bad Seed, The Good Egg and The Cool Bean. They discuss the titles and how the characters in the books change. I believe as the school days progress these conversations will become more frequent and deeper and students will continue to intrincially apply the lessons that we are learning throughout the day.

My teacher brain wants to point out how much they have learned this year and praise them for using their skills but my reader heart holds back and just enjoys the conversations and is happy knowing that they are growing readers – excited about books. It’s a nice reminder that they really are paying attention even when it doesn’t look like it.

I love that CBAD is part of our class community. I hope that they will continue to revisit the books in the years to come even if they don’t have a poster to remind them.

If you would like more information on Classroom Book a Day. Check our Julian’s website. There is also a Facebook Group and search Twitter posts for the hashtag #classroombookaday.

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New Phonics Program Launches in December

Image result for tcrwp phonics grade 2 gus
2nd Grade Phonics Mascot “GUS”

Today, we took our last word study test for the year. On December 9th, we will

introduce a new program similar to our Reading and Writing units, called Phonics Units of Study. What does this mean? No more word study homework. (Word Study journals will be coming home.)

Students in kindergarten and first grade have been using the Phonics Units of Study.  We are extending this program into second grade. The Phonics Units of Study lessons use singing, pretending, inventing, talking, writing, and spelling – all centered around phonics.  These lessons empower our students with skills that help make them stronger readers and writers.  

I am so proud of the work students have done with word study the first half of the year. I know the skills they have learned so far will help to support the work they will now do in the Phonics Units of Study.

Please let me know if you have any questions as we get into these new phonics units in the coming months.

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Weekly RoundUp & Preview

Looking forward to a great week and kicking off our new science standards. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I love how popular Class Dojo has become. It has been a great communication tool. Please make sure that any dismissal or absence information is also communicated to the front office.

Word Study

Week 2 Activities

Word Study homework is Week 2 Activities. Homework assignments should be recorded in daily planner. The complete list of activities is included in the Word Study Journal. Students receive 2 sets of words, one kept at school and one kept at home. If you need additional sets of words, please contact me

Scientific Investigations

We are excited to begin our first science unit of the year. – Scientific Investigations. This unit focuses on building skills and habits that we use during our science units this year. This week, students will be completing hands-on activities while they learn to investigate like scientists. Students will have opportunities to bring in supplies for some activities.

Changing Seasons

Image result for fall clothing clipart

The weather is changing from day to day this time of year. We try to go outside as much as possible. Please make sure to send your child to school with weather appropriate clothing.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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RoundUp & Preview

Happy Sunday! I hope you have had a great weekend. I am looking forward to our first 5-day week. We have had so much fun and learning so far. In this post, you will find a roundup activities for last week and to a preview of the upcoming week.


This is the first week students will have homework in Reading, Word Study and Math. Please be sure to check purple folders daily and remove items in “Keep at Home”. This will help to insure that the correct papers are returning to school daily.

Word Study

We will begin our word study groups this week. Students receive 2 copies of their word sorts each week. One copy stays in school and the other can stay at home. If you need additional copies, please let me know. Remember that we are on a 2 week rotation, so we will not be testing this Friday but next Friday.

We have practiced the homework assignments so students are familiar with the process and have examples in their word study journals. Please date each nights homework assignment. You can find explanations and examples in the this document. It is also available from the class website under Study Guides & Homework.


Ordinal numbers was our first math unit which we finish this week. Our next unit, Place Value reviews the place value concepts from first grade and adds the hundreds place to those concepts. Please review the study guides sent home for information related to concepts.

Social Studies

Students are working hard on their citizenship unit. This week, students vote on a class project to improve or strengthen the community around them. I look forward to announcing our class project.

Classroom Book A Day Last Week

It is soooo hard to pick a favorite.

PBIS Assembly

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Beginning of School Recap

It has been a fun first 6 days of school. We are getting organzed and starting our first units of 2nd grade in Math, Reading, Writing and Social Studies. I am looking forward to an exciting year.


This year, we are learning how to use planners. Students will be learning to keep track of homework, tests and events in their planners. It is helpful if planners are checked at home as I will be checking in school to help students build the habit. Students are encouraged to mark homework when completed. I use a stamp when I check planners for completion.

Computer Safety

Student passwords were changed last week. There are passwords for LCPSgo, Learning A-Z and IXL. This information will be recorded in their planners so it may be secure but also available at school and at home.


LCPS Go is a single login system and the location for apps available to students. The link is . If using a tablet, the classlink app may be required for download. Please let me know if you need assistance accessing resources on non-school devices.

Classroom Book A Day

Books read last week. Students voted for their favorite.

We will read and discuss many books this year. This year, we will be tracking one book each day and tracking on a chart. During the year, we will be able to revisit the books we have read and compare them. I am looking forward to great discussions.

Purple Folders

Please remove papers each day that do not need to return to school. At the beginning of the year, there are forms coming home from the PTA and school that need to be reviewed and returned to school if necessary. Checking folders daily, ensures that the necessary materials are seen and not lost amid the student work. I appreciate your effort to help maintain the folder as a communication method between school and home.

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August 27, 2018 – Class News

This Week We Studied…

Class Rules, Routines and Expectations. 

Behavior Logs should be kept in the “Return to School” side of the purple folder. Please review with your student and discuss behavior expectations. 

Ask Your Child to Tell You About…

Drako – Our Class Pet

Our 4 Class Rules that support Respect, Responsibilty, and Effort. (Please review with your child and discuss your expectations for school as well.)

  1. We only speak when we have permission. 
  2. We stay in our spaces unless we have permission.
  3. We participate in class activities. 
  4. We are respectful to everyone.
Coming Up Next Week…

We will be learning routines for Word Study Homework, Reading and Math Workshop. We will also begin our Scientific Investitgations Unit. 

No Test This Week.  Please look for the Scientific Investigations Study Guide coming home. 

We will begin Reading Homework next week by Reading 20 minutes each day. 

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

I am excited to welcome you to Second Grade for the 2018-2019 School Year.  It is going to be an exciting year!  I will keep you updated on information related class activities here.  There will be a weekly email covering units of study, study guides and other valuable information.  Please look for the post at the begining of each week.  I also share the post through weekly Phoenix Communication. 

I am looking forward to a great year! 

Ms. Turman