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Weekly Preview

Happy Autumn! I can see the leaves starting to turn but the weather lately makes me think twice about Autumn really being here. Please make sure to dress children for the weather and classroom. The outdoor temperatures are cold in the morning and warm/hot in the afternoon. Our classroom can be chilly so students may need a sweater or jacket.

ReadingMathScienceSocial Studies
Fiction Comprehension
Fiction Fluency
Decoding Words
Comparing 2 and
3 digit Numbers

Grading and Papers

We have finished several of our beginning of the year units so you should have seen more papers come home with grades. I wanted to review the process since back to school night seems like a long time ago. Papers should be coming home regularly now, so please make sure to empty purple folders regularly.

The assignments are scored on a 0 – 4 scale with 3 being the score that demonstrates mastery of the materials covered. To receive a 4, a student must complete the challenge questions correctly to demonstrate application of the concepts covered.

If there are any questions regarding how something was scored, please let me know. I am happy to review papers with you.

World Kindness Day

Image result for world kindness day
November 13, 2019

Our citizenship project the class chose is to celebrate World Kindness Day in our school. The students want to do something kind in areas of the school. They have planned to help clean up around the outside of the school, put together treats for the teachers & staff and post kindness messages to encourage and help their peers. Instead of just celebrating on the 13th, activities will be spread across the entire week. We are looking forward to spreading some kindness and brightening everyone’s day.

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