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Beginning of School Recap

It has been a fun first 6 days of school. We are getting organzed and starting our first units of 2nd grade in Math, Reading, Writing and Social Studies. I am looking forward to an exciting year.


This year, we are learning how to use planners. Students will be learning to keep track of homework, tests and events in their planners. It is helpful if planners are checked at home as I will be checking in school to help students build the habit. Students are encouraged to mark homework when completed. I use a stamp when I check planners for completion.

Computer Safety

Student passwords were changed last week. There are passwords for LCPSgo, Learning A-Z and IXL. This information will be recorded in their planners so it may be secure but also available at school and at home.


LCPS Go is a single login system and the location for apps available to students. The link is . If using a tablet, the classlink app may be required for download. Please let me know if you need assistance accessing resources on non-school devices.

Classroom Book A Day

Books read last week. Students voted for their favorite.

We will read and discuss many books this year. This year, we will be tracking one book each day and tracking on a chart. During the year, we will be able to revisit the books we have read and compare them. I am looking forward to great discussions.

Purple Folders

Please remove papers each day that do not need to return to school. At the beginning of the year, there are forms coming home from the PTA and school that need to be reviewed and returned to school if necessary. Checking folders daily, ensures that the necessary materials are seen and not lost amid the student work. I appreciate your effort to help maintain the folder as a communication method between school and home.

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